Project 366 Update

So my 366 project has kind of died, or at least taken a back seat to finishing up client work while trying to get ready for the big move. But I have been shooting now and then and I definitely want to pick my project back up in full force once we get settled in Iowa. But I did snap this one of Evie the other day. This is just in front of a housing development that we pass by most days.

evie flowers web

Project 366 – Day 54

Middle school is so much  work. This sweet girl is so determined to do well. I am so impressed by her commitment even if it takes her till late at night. Poor thing.

366 day 54 evie late night facebook

Project 366 – Day 50

Saturday night Rick and I did a late night Walmart run while Evie stayed with the little kids. It’s amazing to me that after all these years (20 years) the simplest of chores and errands seem so wonderful when Rick is around.

366 day 50 car lights facebook

Project 366 – Day 49

Today I met Evie outside her school after play practice so I could bring her a dress for her first school dance. It was so fun to see her walking along smiling and waving at other kids. After being homeschooled her whole life I guess I had a little anxiety about how she would make the transition to public school. But she has done so well. She seems so happy and adjusted. She has lots of friends and seems to get along with most kids. I am so happy.

355 day 49 evie  outside of school facebook

Project 366 – Day 48

I hate it when Rick  is out of town. I barely sleep and I just feel lost. We are blessed because he never really has to be gone that long. This last trip was 9 days and I am so glad he is back.

366 day 48 rick hug facebook

Project 366 – Day 47


This girl is such a delight. Lately she has started speaking with an English accent. The big girls have been listening to an audio book with a British narrator and Ginny has picked it up. She also just had a short stint as a vegetarian. For a few weeks she asked if everything was an animal before she ate and wouldn’t eat if it was. But yesterday she decided not to be a vegetarian since there aren’t “enough choices.”

She loves dressing up and yesterday she came down stairs and announced “here comes the queen of… Florida!”

Love her.

366 day 47 ginny in the window facebook

Project 366 – Day 46

Snow day! After a 4 day weekend the kids got an extra day off. I got to sleep in and the kids ate girl scout cookies for breakfast. The girls then spent a big chunk of their day making this masterpiece. Taken with my cell phone!