Project 366 – Day 45

Day 45 I got to spend a little time with a cute young couple from my church. They have been blessed with 3 sweet baby girls. It’s quite an undertaking for anyone and they are handing it a way that makes it seem easy!

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle shoot triplets mom dad kissing facebookcolumbus ohio triplet lifestyle session mom with babies closeup facebook

Project 366 – Day 43

Day 43 I had the privilege of watching Audrey compete in a gymnastics competition. Being on this team has been so wonderful for Audrey. I love seeing my girl so happy.

366 day 43 gymnastics 2 facebook366 day 43 gymnastics 1 facebook

Project – Day 40

Eddie started preschool on day 40. I have been dreading it so much. We know it was the right thing for him but man, it is so hard sending such a little guy to school. I have been crying for weeks about it. But the first day went so smoothly. It was such a blessing.

366 day 40 preschool happy facebook366 day 40 preschool sign facebook

Project 366 – Day 38

I hadn’t taken a picture yet so Sunday night I went outside to snap some pics after everyone had gone to bed. Or so I thought. Rick freaked me out standing in the window.

366 day 38 house with rick in window facebook