Project 366 – Day 26

On Day 26 I was woken up at 4am with the best news! Jolie was checking in at the hospital. It was baby time! I jumped out of bed and raced down to the hospital. How come I am never that wide awake when I have to get my kids up for school in the morning??

Every birth is so exciting and this one was not disappointing.  A few hours later I got to be there to witness the cutest little boy make his entrance into the world. For day 26 I chose a pic of his scrumptious little baby feet.

baby feet facebook


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Columbus Ohio Birth Photography – Sweet Baby Boy

In July I had one crazy week with two moms giving birth and another one with some false labor. It was an intense and exciting time to be a birth photographer. This is the baby that was first up. I can only share a few pictures from the birth at the request of the parents. And you know what, that is okay! Even if they didn’t want me to share any I would honor that. My clients always have the option to not have their images shared.

columbus ohio birth photography dad supporting mom in labor columbus ohio birth photography dad holding mom's handin labor

I just loved these clients. I have said it before but I always start to feel like I am friends with my birth clients. They were super fun during the labor. They had brought their own funny movies to watch and mom had a sweet little stuffed dog that she snuggled with. Mom had a bit of a rough go at it. But dad was so supportive and mom was such a trooper. Giving birth is no walk in the park. It’s hard, painful, scary but of so wonderful. And I get to capture it all for you!

columbus ohio birth photography baby's first moment columbus ohio birth photography dad smiling down on mom and baby columbus ohio birth photography dad kissing mom

After all the hard work mom and dad got to meet their precious baby boy. He was so cute and perfect. The love that they had for their new son and for each other was so strong. There is nothing like going through such an intense experience together to bring a couple closer.

columbus ohio birth photography baby on the warmer columbus ohio newborn at the hospital columbus ohio newborn baby toes

I am so happy I got to be there to witness such a great moment in their lives. I appreciate the trust my clients have in me. It is truly an honor.


** If you are expecting a baby and would like to book a birth session with me, contact me here.


Columbus, Ohio Birth Story – Welcome Baby C

Last month I had the privilege of photographing the birth of Bryan and Megan’s first child. Every time I meet a couple who ask me to be there to photograph their birth experience I always feel like we become so close. When things start to get close and I am carrying my cell phone with me at all times not to miss the call, I feel so excited and invested in the whole experience.

Megan let me know that she was going in to be induced and I was so excited and kept waiting for the next call or text saying to head down to the hospital. After many hours had passed Bryan to let me know that they were going to have to do a c-section. So I booked it down to Riverside hospital in Columbus to try to get some pics before they rushed her off to the OR. I literally walked into the room 2 minutes before they wheeled her down the hall.

preparing for a c section new parents on the way to c section mom on way to c section

Unfortunately, I was not able to go in the OR so I waited out in the waiting room with all the other anxious families. Finally the nurse came to get me and said I could come back and see everyone, including a cute new baby boy.

columbu ohio birth photography new family newborn baby nursing newborn laying on mom's chest neborn sucking hand

new dad looking down on newborn and mom

I got to spend several hours with Megan and Bryan as they soaked in their new little guy. He was so sweet and Mom and Dad were so happy. I love seeing a couple become a family with the arrival of their child. I have said it before and I will say it again: being present at these moments in people’s lives is a sacred privilege and I am so grateful.

baby18 web

parent looking in on nursery new mom looking in on baby in nursery dad looking in on baby in nursery

columbus ohio birth photographer dad and nursery

I know people worry about what will happen with a birth photographer if there is an unexpected c-section and most hospitals won’t let photographers back in the OR. But I have thought about this a lot and the c-section is part of your story and I am there to capture as much of the whole day as I can. I think you can tell from these pictures that I was able to capture their story.

dad and newborn son new parents in hospital kissing mom looking at newborn son new baby in knit hat in hospital new baby in hospital with knit hat new baby feet in hospital from above new baby feet in hospital mom and dad with newborn in hospital

Welcome to the world, Baby C – You will be so loved!!

** If you are expecting a new baby soon and would like to book a birth photography session with me, contact me here.

Home birth photography | Columbus, Ohio – The N Family

Last month I had the privilege of photographing my first home birth. Unfortunately mom called me just a little too late in her labor and I arrived 15 minutes after sweet baby was born. That is a difficult thing with birth photography – the timing. I let all my clients know to give me a heads up when they first suspect they are in labor and then we make a plan of when I should show up. But things don’t always go according to plan, or ever, and that is okay. We just rolled with it. i was able to capture those first few hours with the new baby and it was wonderful.

When I walked into the N family’s home there was such a peaceful, serene feeling. Mom was lying on the couch with her new baby daughter lying on her chest. The lights were dim and there was quiet music playing.  Dad was lovingly looking on and the midwives quietly went about cleaning up after the birth.

momandbabe1 web momdadbabe3 web momdadbabe4 web dad1 web momandbabe2 web momandbabe3 web momdadbabe5 web

Mom got to spend plenty of time nursing her baby and they even delayed cutting the cord.

babe1 web

As mom was being looked after Dad got a little one on one time with his new baby daughter. Little baby V is going to be so well cared for.

dad3 web dad4 web dad6 web dad7 web

Then the midwives began the exam on the baby and mom got a little something to eat. I absolutely loved the whole midwife experience. As one midwife was with mom and baby, the other one was in the kitchen making mom a snack and cleaning up the kitchen for mom and dad. There was such a sense of loving community.

babe7 web babe6 web babe4 web babe9 web mom1 web

momandbabe6 web

After a few hours I left to allow mom and dad some more quiet time with their new sweet baby. Little baby V was an absolute angel and it was such a privilege to be there for her first few hours of life. I love my job!

momandbabe5 web momdadbabe1 web

babe10 web


If you are interested in booking me for your upcoming birth, contact me here.


Columbus Ohio Fresh 48 Session – Baby A

A couple of weeks ago on a beautiful Saturday morning I headed down to The Ohio State University Hospital to do a Fresh 48 session with my wonderful neighbors. OSU is such a wonderful hospital with great staff. I always pause for a minute before I enter the hospital rooms before a birth session or a Fresh 48 session. I feel like I am entering sacred ground.  And I am! A new life is so awe-inspiring and special. I am so honored to be a part of it in my very small way.  As I entered the room I found mom peacefully sitting with her new baby girl.

baby hospital photo session

Mom had quite an eventful labor and restless night but she looked beautiful and so happy with her new little baby. We chatted for a while and snapped some pictures while we waited for dad and the big sisters to come to visit.

fresh48 newborn session

closeup baby hospital detail baby hospital

siblings meet new baby hospital baby hospital photography

newborn hospital photography

Biggest sis was so excited to see her new sister. She wanted to hold and talk to her at all times. It was so easy to see that she is going to be such a big help to mom.

newborn hospital photography


new baby hospital session heather arnita birth photographer

Second big sis was not so sure about giving up her spot as mommy’s baby. She wanted mom to herself but eventually she warmed up to the baby. She, too, began bestowing kisses and participated in baby A’s first of many sister hair salon games.


siblings meeting new baby hospital

birth photpgraphy fresh 48

Dad took it all in stride. You can tell how much he loves his girls and they are lucky to have such an attentive dad.

heather arnita photography fresh48 fresh48 hospital session

I just love Fresh 48 photography sessions. It is so awesome to be able to capture those first days of life as a new family. I don’t need to pose or direct.  I just capture the scene as it unfolds. Baby A is so lucky to be in this family. You can already tell how loved and cherished she will be.

fresh48 hospital photographer fresh48 newborn photographer

Welcome to the world Baby A!

birth photography hospital


If you are interested in scheduling a Fresh 48 session you can contact me here. I am available to do hospital or in-home sessions!

Why hire a birth photographer?

Birth photography is still a relatively new thing. But it is getting popular I think because people are realizing how amazing it is! I know why I love to document births. I love the real emotions. There is no posing. It is just watching the story unfold and capturing it. Evey time I have been privileged to be in the room as these precious babies enter this world it has been an amazing experience. I come out full of adrenalin and feeling the biggest high.

So why would you want to hire a birth photographer?

1. Everyone gets to be in the picture!

Who usually gets stuck with picture-taking responsibilities? Dad! But dad is such a big part of the birth, he should be in the pictures! Plus imagine having your first professional family portrait taken together just moments after your baby’s arrival. How awesome is that?

“Looking back at photos from our first baby, I realized how much more I wanted to see. We had a few brief images taken with my husband’s phone, but (with all respect to my husband as a photographer), they didn’t really capture the moment, and what’s more, they didn’t really capture HIM, and he was a major part of it!”– Margaret, Columbus, Ohio

“I asked Heather to focus particularly on my husband during the delivery, and the pictures are incredibly meaningful.” – Melissa, Columbus, Ohio

33 last crop

22 web

44 web


pre7web post11web



walking supportbw_websize


familybw_web size

2. Be present in the moment.

If you hire a birth photographer not only will you be able to be in the pictures but you will be able to be fully in the moment. You will have someone else worried about capturing all the important moments and you can concentrate on having  a baby!

“I remembered how important it was to have my husband sitting beside me while we talked and laughed and waited, checking my blood pressure cuff, joking with the nurses, and showing me how much I was loved and what a good family this baby was going to come into. Those moments have become so important to me.” – Margaret, Columbus, Ohio

5dbdc-pre1web f1f79-pre4web 1da34-pre2web

leaningbw_websize holding onbw_websize

38 web

3. Remember the easily forgotten details.

The birth of a child is such a monumental occasion you would think that every moment would be etched into memory. But it doesn’t work that way. There are so many details you miss while you are in the moment.

“The day my children were born passed by in such a blur, although they were the most important days of my life it’s hard to remember the little details, and sometimes even the bigger moments.” – Melissa, Columbus, Ohio

“Heather’s pictures revealed things I am so grateful not to have lost – like the look of delight on my OB-GYN’s face as she handed me our new son. There are things I could never have captured on my own, like the joy and solemnity on my husband’s face as he held our new baby, and the feeling of complete peace and love I had while I held that new little life against my chest. Getting to have those images means I get to re-live the feelings I had in that moment, and appreciate the emotions I might otherwise have lost out on while I was caught up in my own thoughts.” – Margaret, Columbus, Ohio

34 web



53 web

4. Quality pictures and an artful telling of your story

When you hire a birth photographer you hire a professional who know how to handle lighting and composition to give you  beautiful results.

“Her photographs turned those mundane moments of waiting into art.” – Margaret

“The pictures are so lovely, we have some of our favorites framed on display in our home.” – Melissa


ipod2bw_websize headinhandsbw_websize 65 web

bestbabyshotbwclose crop

momlooking at dadbw_websize



5. Have the memories to share with children.

I know my children absolutely love to hear the story of their births and see pictures of them when they were babies. Having professional birth photos will help you share these memories with your children.

“I am so pleased that I decided to have a birth photographer! The birth of our children have been the most momentous and emotional moments of our lives. Having those emotions and experiences captured are absolutely priceless. I have compiled my photos in a photo book–and I let the pictures tell the story–and what a story they tell! From the pains of labor, going through transition, and holding our baby for the first time, all of those moments in time will be treasured forever!” – Lindsay, Columbus, Ohio

“Having a birth photographer means that I get to relive the greatest part of the experiences, as well as pass them on to my children. Someday my daughter will get to see a picture of her father the first time he held her in his arms. She will get to see the joy of all the faces in the room as we heard her cry the first time. Amazing!”– Melissa, Columbus, Ohio






48 web 61 web


Still curious? What else would you like to know about birth photography? Comment with your questions about birth photography in general and any specific information you would like on how I do my birth sessions I will blog next week with answers to all your questions.


Heather Arnita

Columbus Ohio Birth Photographer






Columbus, Ohio Birth Photographer – Welcome Baby A

A little while before Christmas I was blessed to take pictures at the birth of this sweet little boy, the second son of some good friends of mine. It was such a treat for me to be there with the excited mom and dad and see this precious little one enter this world.