Potty Training and Pretzels

This little guy is finally potty trained! It is so exciting to have my last kid out of diapers. We owe it all to a great preschool teacher who gave us a nudge to get it done!

Eddie of course gets m and ms as his potty training treat. And this kid lives off pretzels. One day last week when he was chilling watching a movie with his pretzels I took some time to snap some pics.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016

This is my kids’ most favorite day of the year. Free dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme if you dress like a pirate. It combines 2 of their favorite things: dressing up and donuts! Unfortunately this year we had to wait a really long time. Our poor little Iowa Krispy Kreme could not keep up with the demand. But in the end the kids felt like it was worth it.

Project 366 Update

So my 366 project has kind of died, or at least taken a back seat to finishing up client work while trying to get ready for the big move. But I have been shooting now and then and I definitely want to pick my project back up in full force once we get settled in Iowa. But I did snap this one of Evie the other day. This is just in front of a housing development that we pass by most days.

evie flowers web

Project 366 – Day 54

Middle school is so much  work. This sweet girl is so determined to do well. I am so impressed by her commitment even if it takes her till late at night. Poor thing.

366 day 54 evie late night facebook