Project 366 – Day 1

This year I am undertaking a project where I will shoot everyday and blog my favorite picture. My focus on this project will be to capture my family’s every day  – all those details of life that I don’t want to forget and that I tend to overlook when I get too bogged down with work. Here is day one ( I couldn’t pick just one):

Ginny is obsessed with Irish Dancing. Last year when we attended the Irish festival in Dublin, Ohio she danced around for hours. She was hot and sweaty and so tired but she told me she could not stop dancing. Almost daily she asks to turn on some Irish Dance music and she dances away. This morning Eddie asked for music while Ginny was drawing at the table with Daddy. As soon as she heard the music she jumped right up and started dancing, stepping on Daddy’s toe in the process. You just can’t keep that girl from the dance.

Columbus ohio lifestyle photography personal project

Columbus Ohio Lifestyle photographer personal work



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