Columbus, Ohio Birth Story – Welcome Baby C

Last month I had the privilege of photographing the birth of Bryan and Megan’s first child. Every time I meet a couple who ask me to be there to photograph their birth experience I always feel like we become so close. When things start to get close and I am carrying my cell phone with me at all times not to miss the call, I feel so excited and invested in the whole experience.

Megan let me know that she was going in to be induced and I was so excited and kept waiting for the next call or text saying to head down to the hospital. After many hours had passed Bryan to let me know that they were going to have to do a c-section. So I booked it down to Riverside hospital in Columbus to try to get some pics before they rushed her off to the OR. I literally walked into the room 2 minutes before they wheeled her down the hall.

preparing for a c section new parents on the way to c section mom on way to c section

Unfortunately, I was not able to go in the OR so I waited out in the waiting room with all the other anxious families. Finally the nurse came to get me and said I could come back and see everyone, including a cute new baby boy.

columbu ohio birth photography new family newborn baby nursing newborn laying on mom's chest neborn sucking hand

new dad looking down on newborn and mom

I got to spend several hours with Megan and Bryan as they soaked in their new little guy. He was so sweet and Mom and Dad were so happy. I love seeing a couple become a family with the arrival of their child. I have said it before and I will say it again: being present at these moments in people’s lives is a sacred privilege and I am so grateful.

baby18 web

parent looking in on nursery new mom looking in on baby in nursery dad looking in on baby in nursery

columbus ohio birth photographer dad and nursery

I know people worry about what will happen with a birth photographer if there is an unexpected c-section and most hospitals won’t let photographers back in the OR. But I have thought about this a lot and the c-section is part of your story and I am there to capture as much of the whole day as I can. I think you can tell from these pictures that I was able to capture their story.

dad and newborn son new parents in hospital kissing mom looking at newborn son new baby in knit hat in hospital new baby in hospital with knit hat new baby feet in hospital from above new baby feet in hospital mom and dad with newborn in hospital

Welcome to the world, Baby C – You will be so loved!!

** If you are expecting a new baby soon and would like to book a birth photography session with me, contact me here.

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