Home birth photography | Columbus, Ohio – The N Family

Last month I had the privilege of photographing my first home birth. Unfortunately mom called me just a little too late in her labor and I arrived 15 minutes after sweet baby was born. That is a difficult thing with birth photography – the timing. I let all my clients know to give me a heads up when they first suspect they are in labor and then we make a plan of when I should show up. But things don’t always go according to plan, or ever, and that is okay. We just rolled with it. i was able to capture those first few hours with the new baby and it was wonderful.

When I walked into the N family’s home there was such a peaceful, serene feeling. Mom was lying on the couch with her new baby daughter lying on her chest. The lights were dim and there was quiet music playing.  Dad was lovingly looking on and the midwives quietly went about cleaning up after the birth.

momandbabe1 web momdadbabe3 web momdadbabe4 web dad1 web momandbabe2 web momandbabe3 web momdadbabe5 web

Mom got to spend plenty of time nursing her baby and they even delayed cutting the cord.

babe1 web

As mom was being looked after Dad got a little one on one time with his new baby daughter. Little baby V is going to be so well cared for.

dad3 web dad4 web dad6 web dad7 web

Then the midwives began the exam on the baby and mom got a little something to eat. I absolutely loved the whole midwife experience. As one midwife was with mom and baby, the other one was in the kitchen making mom a snack and cleaning up the kitchen for mom and dad. There was such a sense of loving community.

babe7 web babe6 web babe4 web babe9 web mom1 web

momandbabe6 web

After a few hours I left to allow mom and dad some more quiet time with their new sweet baby. Little baby V was an absolute angel and it was such a privilege to be there for her first few hours of life. I love my job!

momandbabe5 web momdadbabe1 web

babe10 web


If you are interested in booking me for your upcoming birth, contact me here.


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