Columbus Ohio Fresh 48 Session – Baby A

A couple of weeks ago on a beautiful Saturday morning I headed down to The Ohio State University Hospital to do a Fresh 48 session with my wonderful neighbors. OSU is such a wonderful hospital with great staff. I always pause for a minute before I enter the hospital rooms before a birth session or a Fresh 48 session. I feel like I am entering sacred ground.ย  And I am! A new life is so awe-inspiring and special. I am so honored to be a part of it in my very small way.ย  As I entered the room I found mom peacefully sitting with her new baby girl.

baby hospital photo session

Mom had quite an eventful labor and restless night but she looked beautiful and so happy with her new little baby. We chatted for a while and snapped some pictures while we waited for dad and the big sisters to come to visit.

fresh48 newborn session

closeup baby hospital detail baby hospital

siblings meet new baby hospital baby hospital photography

newborn hospital photography

Biggest sis was so excited to see her new sister. She wanted to hold and talk to her at all times. It was so easy to see that she is going to be such a big help to mom.

newborn hospital photography


new baby hospital session heather arnita birth photographer

Second big sis was not so sure about giving up her spot as mommy’s baby. She wanted mom to herself but eventually she warmed up to the baby. She, too, began bestowing kisses and participated in baby A’s first of many sister hair salon games.


siblings meeting new baby hospital

birth photpgraphy fresh 48

Dad took it all in stride. You can tell how much he loves his girls and they are lucky to have such an attentive dad.

heather arnita photography fresh48 fresh48 hospital session

I just love Fresh 48 photography sessions. It is so awesome to be able to capture those first days of life as a new family. I don’t need to pose or direct.ย  I just capture the scene as it unfolds. Baby A is so lucky to be in this family. You can already tell how loved and cherished she will be.

fresh48 hospital photographer fresh48 newborn photographer

Welcome to the world Baby A!

birth photography hospital


If you are interested in scheduling a Fresh 48 session you can contact me here. I am available to do hospital or in-home sessions!

20 thoughts on “Columbus Ohio Fresh 48 Session – Baby A

  1. So tiny! I think this is great I slightly remember going to see my younger sister at the hospital, but only because we have some pictures! These are great memories to have and yours are so beautifully captured! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Nothing is as beautiful as a freshly baked mum! Love these photos. They are amazing. Having a Birth Photographer or at least a Fresh 48 done, is so important. These will be memories the mum will cherish forever. You captured it so beautifully.


  3. These are just beautiful, Heather. Those first hours are so special and seeing your images brought me right back to that time with my son. ๐Ÿ™‚ You captured this family’s connection beautifully!


  4. You did a great job capturing their first day with the new baby. Especially love the shot of both girls kissing their new baby sister. I know the family loves their photos.


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