Some recent favorites

I have been plugging away on some creative photo sessions. It is starting to get a little out of control! There are so many different groups and blogs that a photographer can submit pictures to each week. It can get quite overwhelming! But I have had a lot of fun shooting these past couple of weeks.


These first pictures were inspired by a recent photography workshop where we talked about finding shooting locations close to home. This park and pathway are just next to my neighborhood. My daughter and I headed out as the sun was coming down and we got some really cute shots.

irl spinning in sunset - columbus ohio girl walking into sunset - columbus ohio girl with backlighting - columbus ohio girl on a path - columbus ohio girl at the park - colubus ohio girl on a park bench in columbus ohio girl on park bench - columbus ohio


This next set of pictures I took one morning when I was hanging out with my son. I am working on this project right now where I am trying to incorporate dappled light. You can see an example of dappled light in this first picture. The other pictures I took just for fun!

black and white lifestyle picture -columbus ohio black and white boy laughing - columbus ohio boy with bananas - columbus ohio boy running - columbus ohio

These next set of pictures were also taken while I was trying to find potential locations close to home. These beautiful trees blossomed for a very short time right outside a neighborhood close to mine. One night I made the family pull the car over and my oldest daughter and I snapped a few pictures.

girl with pink blossoms - columbus ohio girl with fence - columbus ohio girl with blosoming tree - columbus ohio

These next set of pictures I took last night. My second oldest daughter and I snuck away for a half hour together so I could get some pictures for the theme of “red.” We have had these awesome storm clouds lately and I wanted to capture them in some pictures. I also was trying out my new canon 85mm 1.8 lens. I am already loving it. We had a lot of fun looking for different spots to take pictures. My daughter really got into the creative process and was giving great suggestions. Then we were surprised with this awesome sunset and I was able to take one of my favorite pictures ever.

Girl with red baret - columbus ohio girl with red baret looking down - columbus ohio girl with sunset blossoms - columbus ohio girl with hair and sunset - columbus ohio girls with beautiful sunset- columbus ohio

13 thoughts on “Some recent favorites

  1. Wow! You have some super cute places near your home to shoot. It’s so nice to look at things from a different perspective and find places that are so fun nearby.


  2. Wow! You have such wonderful and beautiful places right near your home. It’s nice to look at something from a different perspective every once in a while and find that something can be so different than we initially thought. Great job finding these spots nearby.


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