Last week’s Submissions and Features

I have talked a little before about how I am participating in different theme exercises. I love doing these because they really push me in the creativity department.

A new exercise that I am participating in the Clickinmoms’ Instagram challenge called cmglimpse. Each day we are given a different prompt. Here are some I did last week:

Jelly beans

Heather Arnita Photography - jellybeans


Heather Arnita photography cmglimpse peep


Heather Arnita photography cmglimpse - lily


Heather Arnita Phtography cmglimpse - bunny

And my jellybeans pic was chosen as one of the weekly winners.

I also submitted these pics to various different contests.

Let the Kids Dress Themselves – March favorite

My pic was featured on their Facebook page.

Heather Arnita Photography march favorite

Distorted Beauty – Pair

My picture was chosen as one of the top ten for the theme of pair. It was featured on their Facebook page.

Heather Arnita Photography - Pair of ballerinas

Snap Maven – Old World

My picture was chosen for the top ten.

Heather Arnita Photography - girl in red on snow

Childhood Unplugged

My picture was featured on their Instagram feed.

Heather Arnita Photography wild kids


And this pic didn’t win any recognition but it is one of my favorites. The theme was “Muse” for My Four Hens P52 project. My kids are my muses and they inspire me every day.

Heather Arnita Phtography - my muses


5 thoughts on “Last week’s Submissions and Features

  1. these photos are beautiful and capture childhood so wonderfully! I can definitely that your children are your muse and I just love how you have incorporated them into these different photos themes.


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