Why hire a birth photographer?

Birth photography is still a relatively new thing. But it is getting popular I think because people are realizing how amazing it is! I know why I love to document births. I love the real emotions. There is no posing. It is just watching the story unfold and capturing it. Evey time I have been privileged to be in the room as these precious babies enter this world it has been an amazing experience. I come out full of adrenalin and feeling the biggest high.

So why would you want to hire a birth photographer?

1. Everyone gets to be in the picture!

Who usually gets stuck with picture-taking responsibilities? Dad! But dad is such a big part of the birth, he should be in the pictures! Plus imagine having your first professional family portrait taken together just moments after your baby’s arrival. How awesome is that?

“Looking back at photos from our first baby, I realized how much more I wanted to see. We had a few brief images taken with my husband’s phone, but (with all respect to my husband as a photographer), they didn’t really capture the moment, and what’s more, they didn’t really capture HIM, and he was a major part of it!”– Margaret, Columbus, Ohio

“I asked Heather to focus particularly on my husband during the delivery, and the pictures are incredibly meaningful.” – Melissa, Columbus, Ohio

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2. Be present in the moment.

If you hire a birth photographer not only will you be able to be in the pictures but you will be able to be fully in the moment. You will have someone else worried about capturing all the important moments and you can concentrate on having  a baby!

“I remembered how important it was to have my husband sitting beside me while we talked and laughed and waited, checking my blood pressure cuff, joking with the nurses, and showing me how much I was loved and what a good family this baby was going to come into. Those moments have become so important to me.” – Margaret, Columbus, Ohio

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3. Remember the easily forgotten details.

The birth of a child is such a monumental occasion you would think that every moment would be etched into memory. But it doesn’t work that way. There are so many details you miss while you are in the moment.

“The day my children were born passed by in such a blur, although they were the most important days of my life it’s hard to remember the little details, and sometimes even the bigger moments.” – Melissa, Columbus, Ohio

“Heather’s pictures revealed things I am so grateful not to have lost – like the look of delight on my OB-GYN’s face as she handed me our new son. There are things I could never have captured on my own, like the joy and solemnity on my husband’s face as he held our new baby, and the feeling of complete peace and love I had while I held that new little life against my chest. Getting to have those images means I get to re-live the feelings I had in that moment, and appreciate the emotions I might otherwise have lost out on while I was caught up in my own thoughts.” – Margaret, Columbus, Ohio

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4. Quality pictures and an artful telling of your story

When you hire a birth photographer you hire a professional who know how to handle lighting and composition to give you  beautiful results.

“Her photographs turned those mundane moments of waiting into art.” – Margaret

“The pictures are so lovely, we have some of our favorites framed on display in our home.” – Melissa


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5. Have the memories to share with children.

I know my children absolutely love to hear the story of their births and see pictures of them when they were babies. Having professional birth photos will help you share these memories with your children.

“I am so pleased that I decided to have a birth photographer! The birth of our children have been the most momentous and emotional moments of our lives. Having those emotions and experiences captured are absolutely priceless. I have compiled my photos in a photo book–and I let the pictures tell the story–and what a story they tell! From the pains of labor, going through transition, and holding our baby for the first time, all of those moments in time will be treasured forever!” – Lindsay, Columbus, Ohio

“Having a birth photographer means that I get to relive the greatest part of the experiences, as well as pass them on to my children. Someday my daughter will get to see a picture of her father the first time he held her in his arms. She will get to see the joy of all the faces in the room as we heard her cry the first time. Amazing!”– Melissa, Columbus, Ohio






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Still curious? What else would you like to know about birth photography? Comment with your questions about birth photography in general and any specific information you would like on how I do my birth sessions I will blog next week with answers to all your questions.


Heather Arnita

Columbus Ohio Birth Photographer







19 thoughts on “Why hire a birth photographer?

  1. These are absolutely amazing. My babies are 10 and 7 now and I wish this were more popular at the time. It never even occurred to me to hire a birth photographer. New moms today have so many amazing options. How do you set your schedule for these unplanned deliveries? Are you on call like the doctor?


  2. I love your work! At what point do you start photographing the birth? Do you stay for the whole thing even if it winds up very long?


  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I so wish I had done these. The hospital stay is such a blur to me, especially after the medications from a C-section. I am a very private person, especially so for the birthing process. My question would be how do you handle taking and displaying the images to keep this time a very personal time for mom, dad and baby.


  4. I’m curious on how this works with scheduling and cost. What if the birth isn’t scheduled? Can you guarantee you’ll be there? How long do you stay? If the labor goes over a certain number of hours, how does this effect the cost? Beautiful photos by the way!!!


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