In your room – Columbus, Ohio Lifestyle Photographer

One day mommy took pictures of you as you played in your room alone. This is actually a rare occurrence. Usually you play in there with one or more of your big sissies. I should photograph that some day. It will be total chaos, but real.


Yes, you are still in a crib. You do know how to climb out but for the most part you don’t.

eddieroom8 eddieroom9 eddieroom10

Your daddy hates it when you sit like this. He’s worried it isn’t good for you. So when we catch you we tell you to sit straight and you will comply. But this is how you want to sit.

eddieroom12 eddieroom11

You get this leg crossing from my side of the family. I love it

eddieroom2 eddieroom1

When you go to sleep you lie on your stomach and bounce your head on the mattress. You get that from dad.


eddieroom4 eddieroom3

Well, I guess you are a typical 2-year-old. trying to escape and putting weird things in your mouth. You have started licking your sisters and they are equal parts delighted and disgusted.

eddieroom16 eddieroom15 eddieroom14

Love this picture of you my sweet, sweet boy.


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