I have loved photography since I was in high school a million years ago. But once I had kids my love of photography took on a whole other dimension. My children became my muses. I want to capture beautiful pictures that are well executed but more importantly I want to capture images that we help me remember this time in our lives. Something I have been doing lately is making lists of things about my children and our lives that I want to remember. I then take that list and build photo sessions around them. This is also a question I ask to my lifestyle clients – “what are some cute things (or maybe not so cute) that your kids  do right now that you want to remember?”

Every morning my 2 youngest and I put on some tunes and dance around. Sadly someone introduced them to this gummy bear song and that is the only song my son wants to listen to, over and over again. But I love these little dance sessions and I wanted to capture that memory.

One thing that my son does right now is throws everything out of the bottom drawer in the kitchen and plays in it. It actually drives me crazy but I know I will want to remember all these funny things about him.

I have a lot of other things on my list (here are a few):


A picture of each of my kids sleeping in their beds at night

The way my oldest opens her mouth so amazingly wide when she is excited

The way my second daughter scrunches up her cute little nose

My husband wrestling with my kids (this is one of those things that actually drives me crazy)


This is important. Because face it: One day we are going to get old (that’s already happening over here). And we are going to forget these things. These pictures will be a gateway to our past. I can just imagine pouring over these pictures when my children are grown and being so grateful to have these moments preserved.


So what’s on your list? What quirky habit will you document this week? What expression will you capture?

15 thoughts on “What do you want to remember? – Columbus, Ohio Photographer

  1. THANK YOU for asking that poignant question “What do you want to remember?” I am a super busy photographer who shoots for other families and forgets to photograph my own. I NEED TO DO THIS.


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